Our Testimonials From clients

Read Testimonials from more than 30 clients

In the past 5 years, we have worked with more than 120 clients from all across the world. And here, you can read what those clients are saying about our services.

"I have been with them for more than 2 years, I hired many agencies but it doesn't work out for us. But once i rewarded them the project after that i never looked for anyone else. DigiUnik is right on the business."

1. Mr Stephen Needham
CEO at A1 Windows Sheffield

"One of my friend (Harry) referred me for their SEO service, because my friend referred them I don't mind give them a try but later on they impressed me by their work and from then i stick with them."

2. Mr Arthur Cooper
Owner at Aintree Roofing Services LTD

"Nasim was such a patient and understandable person that I don't have to explain much about the business. Because he already worked in my sector, he gives the result beyond my expectations."

3. Mr David Faint
COO at Ballina & Byron Cleaning Services

""I just have to say one thing about DigiUnik if you want to grow your business and you want the best SEO result, then DigiUnik is your go-to partner.""

4. Mr Kevin Meredith
Owner at Kevin Meredith Topsoil & Turf

"DigiUnik gives me great returns on investment, and the amount of results they have given with their SEO service is really adorable."

5. Mr Ian Paul Chapman
Co-Owner At I P CHAPMAN & CO

"Mr. Dunne recommended DigiUnik, and I was surprised to see the results that they have provided me in a very short period. I never imagined that my website could get that much traffic. DigiUnik helps my business grow to the next height."

6. Mr Mike Beckton
Owner at Mike On The Move Removals

"I have worked with a few Indian agencies; they were good enough. But I must say DigiUnik is one of the most trustworthy agency available in the market in terms of accuracy, research, and, of course, results."

7. Mr Willium Mcmullin
Co-Owner at W McMullin & Sons

""Their SEO services are as fast as our courier service, if you want to gain more clients and generate more revenue then you should try DigiUnik""

8. Mr Ryan DeLarco
Manager at Tornado Express

"As they navigate the new Google rules and evolve with the changes, your company will grow and get recognition faster with them. You can work with them any day if you want to do SEO for your website or Google My Business."

9. Mr Dan Wesley
CEO at Twangmeister Studios

"Search engine optimization is one of the keys to growing your business. DigiUnik is the SEO service provider that helps me increase my profits superfast, save your hustles, and connect with them to generate more revenue."

10. Mr Tyrone Fairweather
Director at Professional Alert Security LTD

"After spending a lot on ads, I did not get great results if I talk about revenue, but SEO really does work for me. Once I decided to focus on my website growth, DigiUnik was the one I came across in the search, and it gave me a tremendous boost in my revenue."

11. Mr Michael Porteous

"I had spent many years in the marketing field, and in that field, organic growth plays a vital role for your business. SEO is one of the best ways to grow your business organically. It gives you visibility in the market; more visibility means more chances of acquiring customers, and in that part, DigiUnik was too good for our business."

12. Mr Graham Wickham
Marketing Manager at Taurus Secure Ltd

"I had worked with many SEO agencies, but they didn't give me the results I wanted. But once I rewarded one of my projects to DigiUnik, it showed great results, and afterwards all my SEO projects were handled by them only."

13. Mr Spencer Jennings
CEO at C T E Waste

"My business requires more intence research based on the fact that you need to shift your inventory and marketing. DigiUnik is the agency that is highly recommended by me for such intense research-based work to grow your business organically."

14. Ms Rosa Rodrigues
Owner at The Fancy Gift Company

"DigiUnik's has professional SEO experts, they are not making any false promises. They are right on the money, they helped us rank in the top 5 within a few months, which gives us a boost in business revenue. They are providing the monthly reports, which help you track your return on investment."

15. Mr David Dunne
Owner at Timbermill Construction

"Our online presence was not up to par in the market, but when DigiUnik reached out to me, they explained where my online presence was lagging and why the traffic was not up to par. I give them the project they worked on, the contents, and all that technical stuff, and boom, I start getting great traffic and more clients for business. Highly recommended!"

16. Mr Gurparkash Singh
Owner at West London Concrete Ltd

"The hustle of being no. 1 in the SEO field is never-ending and time-consuming, so as a business owner, I don't want to spend too much time on it, even for tracking the numbers. Here, DigiUnik makes my work a lot easier. They understand your business and your requirements, and based on that, they start working on projects and keep you updated with consuming too much time and delivering the results. That's what I need, which DigiUnik provides."

17. Mr Paul Whittington
Managing Director at Trace And Access Experts

"We chose SEO not only to increase our website traffic but also to reach out to our targeted audience, and with DigiUnik, the strategy they provide towards our particular business niche is very impressive, as is the content work they do, which not only helps to grow our rankings and traffic but also to get the target audience on the platform. Which helps us achieve immense growth in our customer base."

18. Mr Matt Attfield
Owner at Stone & Brick Construction Ltd

"Online growth for any business is like a dream come true. In that process, SEO is one of the most important things that helps us grow our business online. The result that I got in previous years with DigiUnik is very satisfying. We have seen our website traffic grow year over year at a great rate. You need to stick with an agency like DigiUnik to see that immense growth in your business."

19. Ms Ewelina Baranska
Owner at Estee Beauty Ltd

"The quality of the work is highly appreciated. Initially, I was afraid to give them the project, but once I analyze the results in terms of traffic, client queries, and growth by myself in business, DigiUnik is my only choice for SEO work."

20. Mr Gary Richardson
Owner at Gary’s Plumbing

"In our particular business niche, as long as you are visible to your targeted audience, you will get revenue growth because it's a time-consuming niche. So I decided to do SEO for my website, and then DigiUnik came across. Their strategy was right on spot, and I started seeing the results, and month by month, I saw the traffic growth of my website, which helped my business clock high."

21. Mr Albert Tooth
Managing Director at AJT Property Services Ltd

"Their service was really great once I gave them the project. Since then, I have seen huge growth in website traffic. The DigiUnik SEO service gives you an edge in terms of online presence and growth in your business through strategic planning and execution."

22. Ms Halla Huws
Director at Pro Sustainability Ltd

"DigiUnik has saved us from an SEO nightmare. It is very difficult to find an agency that saves you time , effort, and money and provides great results. DigiUnik is one of them. Those looking for a SEO agency should consider DigiUnik!"

23. Precious Memories Photography and Videography
Owner at Mr Philip

"I was lagging in getting new clients, even though I had vast experience in the field. Then I realized that I was lagging because I was not utilizing the technology. After that, I started focusing on it. In that process, I found DigiUnik was doing a tremendous job for my website, they increased the traffic, potential leads, and revenue. They are the best SEO agency on the market."

24. Mrs Nicola Mclean
Owner at Nicky Mclean Photography Ltd

"DigiUnik made my business more efficient and provided us with healthy growth with their SEO service. They improved our website structure and engagement, which helped us onboard new clients effectively and very smoothly. If you are thinking of doing SEO, you should contact them."

25. Mr Martin
Co-Owner at WACR Epos Specialists

"As a commercial dishwasher seller, I operated my business through offline marketing. But when DigiUnik's team contacted us, they elaborated their strategy for our website's SEO. At that time, I loved that strategy, and now I can say that I don't regret my decision yet."

26. Mr Ian Tyler
Director at Midshires Catering Equipment LTD

"This SEO agency provides me with the best results I have ever seen for my website's organic growth. The daily users are increasing on my website, along with my business revenue. They are very strategic planners as per the business, they do the research and give the best result."

27. Ms Debbie Whitehouse
Owner at Willow & Nutmeg Ltd

"They are budget-friendly and have no compromise with the quality of work. DigiUnik has given my business a great boost, and I am very impressed by their work."

28. Mr Jonathan Robert
Owner at Victoria Fine Art

"If you want to grow your business organically, it is very important to work on SEO. DigiUnik has done that work for us, they have given us wings in website reach, growth, and customer acquisition. Which helps to increase visibility and brand building. A big thumbs up for them."

29. Mr Mano Parasram Butani
Director at Amass BTC Limited

"DigiUnik is the top SEO service provider for me, they have given us immense visibility in the market, which makes our business grow rapidly in less time."

30. Mr Alex Warren
Founder at Drives 4 U Ltd

"I got tired of changing SEO agencies for my website because they were not up to the mark and charging me like hell, but then DigiUnik reached out to me and explained to me all the things related to my website growth and their step-by-step roadmap for the growth, which makes sense. Hence, I never looked for any other SEO agency, DigiUnik is doing all my projects."

31. Mr Andrew Stockton
Founder at Elite Windows and Doors