Why are SEO services important for your business?

Nowadays, we all know that before taking any service or buying any product, people search on Google or Bing for that particular service or product. That’s why it’s important to be available online for your customers if you are a business owner selling any services or products.

Being online doesn’t mean just having a website or GMB account. You also have to optimize that website or GMB (Google My Business) account so your customers can reach out to you. And for reaching out to your customers through the website, or GMB, you need to work on SEO.

With the help of SEO, you can tell Google or any other search engine that you want to rank or be on top for a particular business or audience.

If you opt-in for our SEO service, then we’ll craft a customized strategy for businesses to rank at the top on Google. And if you are on top of Google or any other search engine, your potential customers can reach out to you, and your business revenue can increase.


What type of SEO services do we offer to our clients?

As you already know, SEO services are needed for your business. You should also know what we’ll provide you at our SEO agency. Below, we listed the service’s name and explained what it is and how it can help you.

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process we use to enhance your website performance and craft your website design, content, and many more things according to search engine (Google) guidelines.

2. Local SEO Or GMB

Local SEO or GMB (Google My Business) is also part of SEO. But it’s more focused on local business. If you are in a business where you provide your services in a particular location, then it’ll be more beneficial for you.

3. Technical SEO

In technical SEO, we optimize your website for search engines (Google) on a technical level. We all know that search engines are machines that only understand codes. In technical SEO, we create a website structure that is SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly for users, making robots.txt and sitemap.xml for a website so Google crawlers can index and rank it.

4. On-Page SEO

In this process of SEO, we optimize your web pages and their content, which is helpful for users as well as for search engines. Within this process, we also optimized your site URL, added relevant and optimized images with ALT tags, added internal links, external links, and many more things to rank your website better.

5. Off-Page Or Link Building

When doing an off-page process for your website, we do all the processes outside your website; that’s why it’s called off-page SEO. For this activity, we focused on building links, getting user reviews, content marketing, and many more activities to achieve good results.

6. Keyword Research

This is the most crucial process in SEO. In the keyword research process, we find relevant and important keywords or search terms that your potential customers are searching for on search engines (Google). With this process, we know which search terms we should work on and target the website to rank.

7. Content Planning And Creation

After the keyword research process, we jump into this process. In the content planning and creation process, We plan content according to the search terms (keywords) we find relevant to your business. After that, we make content according to plan and then market it on search engines.

8. Competitor Analysis

In the SEO process, we have to keep an eye on your business competitor’s website, like what they are doing on their website, which keywords they are targeting, from where they get a backlink, and from which source they are getting more traffic, and then we work accordingly to beat our competitor, and that’s what we do in our competitor analysis service.

What benefits will you get with our SEO services?

There are many benefits you will get when we work together. However, some of the major benefits we are providing with DigiUnik’s SEO service are listed below.

No Minimum Lock-in Period

It means you can opt out of our SEO services whenever you want if you don’t like them. But to get better results, you must give us 3 to 6 months.

Affordable Prices

We always make customized strategies for each business according to their niche. And that’s why we also make the prices affordable so that you don’t need to compromise with your business growth.

Easy Communications

We are always here to help you out with your confusion or queries. We keep everything transparent. So, if you need to discuss anything, you can connect with us.

Monthly SEO Reports

You’ll get SEO reports each month so you can determine what growth we’ve achieved so far.


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"I have been with them for more than 2 years, I hired many agencies but it doesn't work out for us. But once i rewarded them the project after that i never looked for anyone else. DigiUnik is right on the business."

Mr Stephen Needham
CEO at A1 Windows Sheffield

"One of my friend (Harry) referred me for their SEO service, because my friend referred them I don't mind give them a try but later on they impressed me by their work and from then i stick with them."

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"Nasim was such a patient and understandable person that I don't have to explain much about the business. Because he already worked in my sector, he gives the result beyond my expectations."

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"I just have to say one thing about DigiUnik if you want to grow your business and you want the best SEO result, then DigiUnik is your go-to partner."

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